ipod Lesson - Grade 5 General Music
Composer Interview

Lesson Objective
Students will demonstrate their understanding of the lives and music of: Bach, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.
Students will demonstrate their knowledge in the use of technology.

4- 45 minute class periods

Lesson Materials
Wireless Internet
Audacity/Movie Maker
Composer website info
iPod Touch
Flip video camera

WI State Standards- Music/Technology

H: Students will relate music to the other arts and disciplines outside the arts.
I: Students will relate music to history and culture.
A. Media & Technology
B. Information & Inquiry
C. Independent Learning
D. The Learning Community

  • Students will be grouped and assigned a specific composer.
  • Students will research the websites of their specific composer along with the time period that they lived in using the iPod Touch.
  • Students will organize the information they gathered and write an interview script for a podcast/vodcast that they will create.
  • Students will assign roles for the podcast/vodcast, i.e. interviewer, composer, director, tech person.
  • The group will record the interview (audio or video), edit, and incorporate music samples of the composer’s works. (each sample may not exceed 30 seconds)
  • Students will upload their podcasts/vodcast to Mrs. A's Wiki and present them to the class.

Assessment Rubric

Follow-up Fun
These follow-up activities are SmartBoard activities. You may do these alone or with your group.

For extra credit, you may Use "Notebook" to create your own game using a template from the lesson activity toolkit, incorporating facts from the composer you have studied. Please share your game with the class! Have fun!