Title of Lesson
: Peter & the Wolf
Date: 1/27/09
Timeframe of Lesson: 2-3 lessons- Feb. 2009
: Pat Anderson
School District: Frederic School District
Campus: Frederic Elementary School
Subject Area: Music
Grade Level: Grade 2

State Standards
F. Analysis
F. 4.1-identify phrases & sections of music that are the same, similar, and different
F.4.5- identify the sound of a variety of instruments
D. The Learning Community
D. 4. 1- participate productively in work groups or other collaborative work environments
D. 4.2- use information, media, and technology in a responsible manner

Stated Objective
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the musical work, “Peter & the Wolf” by working collaboratively on Smartboard activities.

Anticipatory Set
Smartboard- page 1- Peter’s music will play and the character in the story will “fly in”.

Students will be informed that we are continuing our study of instruments and their families by studying a famous composition called, “Peter & the Wolf”.

Procedures for Lesson
(Guided Practice)
Students will be introduced to the story, the characters, the instruments etc. through the use of the Smartboard.
Students will view the video, “Peter & The Wolf”.
Students will complete Smartboard activities related to the story/music.
(Check for Understanding)
Through the collaborative activites following the video the teacher will determine if the students understand and remember the relationship between the characters and the instruments.

Opportunities to Re-learn
Students will view a second “Peter” video, ( Academy Award winning animated short film from 2007.)
Review the original lesson.

Independent Practice
Students will individually complete a paper copy of several pages of the Notebook (Smartboard) class activites.

Assessment or Evaluation
Assessment will be combined teacher observation of group activites and interaction with the Smartboard and the score received on the independent practice worksheet.

We have completed our study of Peter & the Wolf…
Students will be called to line up at the end of class by listening to the specific character themes.
Example: “Girls may line up when you hear Grandpa’s theme.”

Technology Resources: Smartboard-Notebook 10 software, 2 DVD’s of “Peter”, PBS website
(Audacity- for audio files)
Other Resources: Teacher created worksheet