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This site lists 50 apps that can help teachers at school. (Use on ipod touch also!) I've only tried a couple but many look good. QuickVoice- 30Boxes- Date Wheel- Ifbyphone- WordoftheDay- (Quote/Fact)

This website was a great discovery for me because it relates perfectly to my teaching area. They describe the funding they used to get the ipods, how they manage them with the students, and finally, show how they used them in the classroom.

I love this site! From the site... "Are iPods in the classroom a distraction? Perhaps. Pencils - now those are real distractions - always having to sharpen them, kids throw them, they write inappropriate notes with them, they can use them to cheat, they poke each other with them, they get pencil lead stuck in their fingers, they steal them, etc. I think we should ban 'em. Now, am I trying to convince everyone to run out and buy ipods for all students? No, I'm not. I am suggesting, however, that they're worth exploring. This website will link to general information and educational apps for the ipod." Watch this student created video about the "ischoolinitiative"!

This website is OK. I like it because it contains an article dealing with property rights in the music industry - and how it relates to downloads. I've found that many of my students don't understand copyright and the reasons (besides the law) that they need to follow these rules.

"If you think that iPods are used just for listening to music, you obviously haven't been keeping up with the latest technology. The Apple-developed music player now features all kinds of accessories to help you study better, and now other companies are in a rush to get their designs in sync with the iPod...From downloadable podcasts to just-for-iPod study guides and applications, learning on the go has never been easier." Some examples- Study Guides: Spark Notes, SparkCharts Podcasts: Mogopop, Brain Quest Tutorials: iPod Lesson Plans Apps: iGadget

Learn to play the guitar... Chords for iTunes is iPlayMusic's new service that synchronizes your favorite songs in iTunes with the chords to play along. Some special features of Chords for iTunes are:

  • Choose a chord video from iPlayMusic and synchronize it to music in your iTunes library
  • If you don't already have the song, iPlayMusic finds it for you on iTunes
  • Slow down the music while maintaining pitch, allowing you to play along at your own speed
  • Export it to your iPod or iPhone, so you can play along to your iTunes songs anytime, anywhere

The apple site. Students can... "come to class with the Internet in their pockets. We can help you provide those mobile devices for K-12 students, so they can access the Internet, too (under the supervision of their teachers, of course). If educators can tap into that access, then any place — a bus stop, a cafe, wherever — is a place to learn."
Itunes U- "iTunes U is one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of free educational content, with more than 150,000 lectures, presentations, videos, readings, and podcasts from all over the world."

Lots of good info on how to make podcasts. Site also includes examples of educational podcasts along with teacher applications.

Teachers can download the Gradebook application and use it anytime. Grades, notes, contact info, attendance etc.- Looks good.

********"The new technology serves as a hook to get students interested in listening to new kinds of music. They can keep a record of the performances and discussions that we hold in the class. I’ve also used the iPod in conjunction with the Garageband program to help students learn about the mechanics of music by having them produce their own music."



I subscribed to a podcast called, "Music I-Quiz". This podcast picks a new topic every week such as, "All that Jazz", Oscar Night", "Animal Farm", "For the Birds".
The hosts talk about the topic of the week and play song examples fitting the categories. Students must name the tune and more.

This is a series of podcasts called, "Simply Put...Historical Podcasts". In the music area I would not subscribe to regularly receiving this podcast, but would love to use the segment called, "American Music in the 1800's." This episode talks about and plays examples of American music in the 1800's. The information is read by students with the music samples playing in the background. This episode was perfect for my 5th classes because were we study the Romantic period in music which began with Beethoven and perfected by Chopin in the 1800's. Most times, we discuss music and composers from Europe. This podcast was a great way to share new information with the students and to help relate American cultural history with music history.

4. UNIT PLAN- see ipod Lesson Plan page...




Here are a few fun apps that could be used in music class.

Tap Tap Revenge - free
iDrum- paid
School of Rock-paid
Maestro-Lite- free
Omnituner- paid
Karajan-r - paid
Cowbell-plus- paid
Stay-in-tune- paid
Drum-kit- paid
Drummer- paid
Pianist- paid
Rhythm-in-reach- paid
Insruments-in-reach- paid
Beatmaker- paid

Found this on the marianipod site...
ipod music game.doc

Educational Vodcasting-